Sumatra Golden Mandheling

Sumatra Golden Mandheling

This Indonesia originated coffee has an intensely concentrated flavor with a thick syrupy and chocolaty feel, and a rich brown sugar taste. Widely known for its full-bodied texture, mild earthy notes, and deep-toned coffee aroma, the Sumatra has virtually no acidity but bears a slight black pepper finish so that it could be enjoyed alone as an espresso or black coffee, or blended with other coffees like Brazil Santos to compliment each other’s essences.

The history of the Sumatra is also as rich as its flavours. The story goes that the coffee bean has long been in existence, hidden amongst the lush jungle of Sumatra, yet took over 100 years to be rediscovered due to a series of calamities that took place in the region. Since then, these ancient Arabica trees have been replanted in the Mandheling ethnic region, now world famous for its production of gourmet coffee.

The Sumatra pairs well with rich-bodied desserts like chocolate, cheesecake or tiramisu. So whenever you feel like indulging yourself in something rich and velvety, the Sumatra is your answer.